Hello, I am Denice born & raised In Phoenix AZ. I spend most of my time a mother to two. I am a Photojournalist & Full Spectrum Doula. Things i’m passionate about are music, teaching my children about the world we live, creating art through photography, days outside and learning the truths of childbirth.

 I find my purpose in educating, supporting and advocating for families throughout the full spectrum of birth. Much of my care is how we have traditionally cared for birthing people in that I bring nourishment, traditional practice, companionship and always holding space.

I entered into birth work Oct. 2012 Shortly after my first born. I trained as a birth doula through DONA, trained Childbirth educator through CAPPA and Certified Full Spectrum Doula with Birth advocacy Doula Trainings (BADT). https://www.badoulatrainings.org/

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